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Fun and cool baby bodysuits and night- and underwear for boyz and girlz. The baby bodysuits are very well designed with extra care for the quality of materials, fit and styling of course.

The baby bodysuits come in short-sleeved varieties and can serve as a layering piece or an item of clothing, depending on the styling and the climate. The baby bodysuits have an envelope-styled neck, which makes dressing your baby that much easier, especially when they are still really small and their necks are not very strong.

The collection has also colorful underwear and pyamas for toddlers and preschoolers. We do guarantee a money-back guarantee, of course delivery within deadlines and your purchase will allways be send to you as a GIFT. We wish you well in purchasing this unique and beautifully packaged garment a special time of joy, appearance and colour  richness.

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Children make our world a colourful place. Not only do they provide a spark of colour to everyday things, but they are able to enjoy and interact with colours themselves. And what can be more special for a proud parent than seeing their children playing in beautiful, colourful, high quality garments. Quite often the range of underwear available for babies and toddlers is basic and uninspiring.

In addition, the clothing is often of relatively low quality and not designed for everyday use and comfort in mind. In contrast, in recent years the emphasis on well-kept, attractive and comfortable underwear has changed for adults. This could be a result of how we are now more aware of how underwear could represent ourselves on a daily basis; at the sports club, visiting your doctor, beautician or masseur.

We are also more aware that our children are more likely to be “seen” in their underwear at daycare, at the school gym, at their sports club, on the beach or at sleepovers. Therefore this is all the more reason to choose the hip and colorful underwear of Baby & the City and Kidz & the City. Choosing underwear with the same care, attention and attractiveness as the parents would want for themselves! In addition, when designing the clothing of Baby & the City and Kidz & the City attention was paid to the fit and to the material used.

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The brand Baby & the City has its origin in Beirut, Lebanon. Two ladies started in 2005 designing baby suits. Their introduction was the following:

“Freshly squeezed mothers,

We are two catwalk frenzy fashionista divas who go by the names of Carma and Nadine. We woke up one morning only to find that our entire generation is beginning to reproduce, and suddenly we were surrounded by little screaming versions of yourselves. So we thought if babies are going to invade our city they better do it with style, and “Baby & the City” was born. Ok, we’re guessing if Mommy is a trend setting fashion junky, then Baby should be just as in. The “Baby & the City” collection fits every little rugrat in quality. Until they can talk for themselves let the “Baby & the City” collection say what’s on your mini-ones’ minds….” 

Elles Witvoet, owner of the brand, was excited about the name and the philosophy behind the brand. She has restyled the collection and has expanded it with night- and underwear for kids. She says:

“ Het unieke van Baby & the City is het universele gevoel dat ontstaat door enerzijds de kleurigheid van de ontwerpen en anderzijds door het bijzondere effect dat is ontstaan door de oorsprong van het merk in het Midden-Oosten, de vertaling ervan door de ontwerpster in Nederland en de producent in Portugal. De kleding is gemaakt van 95% katoen 5% elastaan en heeft een comfortabele pasvorm. Voor mij is dit persoonlijk een mijlpaal, na een pionierende tijd met onderzoek, contacten, reizen tussen het Midden-Oosten en Europa, eindelijk de eerste mini-mensjes te mogen voorzien van een liefdevol samengestelde collectie. Ik wens je veel plezier met het genieten van deze bijzonder tijd met je kinderen! “



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Baby & the City wants to offer added value to the online shopping by the trendy and hip way of sending. The clothing is always lovely packed. Not only fun to send as a gift, but also enormous fun to receive.

Of course we can send your gift directly to the lucky one recipient. Only the invoice will be sent to you. When filling out the data, you can write down a different delivery address.
Do you want the gift being sent before or on a specific date or would you add your personal message on a card, then this is possible. This is an additional service of Baby & the City and is free of charge. Please comment on your order confirmation with the date of dispatch and/or personal message to your card. This will be arranged for you.



Our collection from 2015 offer we shop-in-shop. You can contact us by e-mail to offer our collection in your shop. Our email: info@babyandthecity.nl




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